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January 13, 2018 Mary Ganzon 1 comment

After the holidays, we are all left with house chores that we need to address before we get back to work. Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean that we have all the time in the world and a lot of people expect tidy homes. That is not the case because we still have to dedicate time for work. Here are some tips on productivity and how work from home parents can get more things done while keeping up with tasks for clients.

1 – Get more things done during your days off


A lot of us get so caught up with responsibilities during work week that we use weekend to just relax. Weekends come and go. As much as we want to stay in bed and sleep for the next 2 days, remember that weekends are also our best chance at getting more things done. Plan your time with family and friends ahead so you know when is the best time to focus on weekend house chores such as laundry, furbabies bath time, etc.


2 – Stick with your body clock even if you are off from work


We want to spend more time with family and friends over the weekend. However,we should never confuse our body clock by staying up in the morning and sleeping at night, only to adjust again come Monday. After a productive Friday shift, it’s best to get some sleep first before heading out for a Saturday family time. We only have water supply at night so I use this opportunity to be the only one left awake to clean the house, do the laundry, clean the shelves and work station while everyone is sleeping.


3 – Practice multitasking


Multitasking is a skill that takes time to master. If there’s one tip I can give to those who wants to master the skill of multitasking, that is to take it one step at a time. Focus on learning one task first, practice working on another task and add some more as you go along. One example I do at the same time is to edit a video while uploading another and washing machine working on the laundry. I can also clean the house while cooking. This saves you time without having to sacrifice the “quality” of your work because you get to manage the tasks all at the same time.


4 – Take vitamins


I take Enervon and 1000mg of Vitamin C to make sure that I stay on top of my game. What I love about regularly drinking vitamins is the way I feel good when I wake up. Without vitamins, I would usually feel heavy upon waking up. I read somewhere that drinking vitamins before going to sleep helps your body rejuvenate.


5 – Get enough rest


Apart from from taking vitamins, it is important to rest, rejuvenate and get as much hours of rest possible (at least 8 hours). Getting enough rest allows you to feel more energized and focused during the day (or night since most of work from home people are on graveyard shift).


6 – Ask help and assign other house chores to the mister and the kids


Remember that productivity is not a one man show. This is also a good time to bond with your partner in life as well as the kids. When you do your weekend tasks, take this opportunity to assign house chores to everyone.


7 – Exercise


I know I said “if you have time, exercise” but that’s just my excuse. Exercise is very important and you really have to make time for it. Best to do it after your first cup of coffee in the morning. Ideally, walking around the village or some jogging but in my case, since I want to get more things done and I love multitasking, I do exercise in between task during shift. I will follow some YouTube Zumba videos and after that, will climb up and down the stairs several time in between shift.


8 – Get in the mood by listening to good music


While productivity is all about moving you’re a*s and getting things done, none of this would be made possible if you are not in a good mood. Life is not about rainbow and butterflies. Sometimes, something will come your way that would take all away your focus. To get back on track, turn on some music and get the good vibes going.


9 – Avoid distractions


It is important that one stays focused on the task on hand. We can’t avoid distractions but we can merely choose to stay focused. One way to stay focused is to not pay attention to the pending house chores. I am guilty of this. When I see dirty laundry or pending dishes, I don’t feel comfortable just sitting and working at my station. To avoid these distractions, you can refer to # 1 , 3 and 10.


10 – Keep the stations clean, the environment filled with positive thoughts and your mind happy


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