Work From Home – The Brand New Ultimate Guide

September 5, 2017 Mary Ganzon

Introduction to Work From Home – Ultimate Guide


Welcome to a brand new ultimate guide to Freelancing! Unlike other guides, the goal of this model is for every reader to have a feeling of being personally guided towards your working from home career.


I remember being left in the care of my nannies while my parents travel for business. It was then that I started dreaming of being a housewife. But LIFE HAPPENED. I found myself in the world of call center and BPOs. I was promoted to Assistant Team Lead, Team Lead, Resolution Specialist and Account Manager. Needless to say, I had to set aside what I want in order to provide for my son. With a booming career, I forgot just how much I wanted to meet a man who will work hard while I stay at home taking care of the kids. But life has an amazing way of surprising you. A colleague told me about this website where I can work from home anytime I am available. The job is to respond to emails and chats. I never knew that would be the start of an even more promising career.



When I started, I have ZERO knowledge about freelancing. I didn’t even know that there’s real money while I enjoy the comfort of home-brewed coffee (or 3in1, either way). There’s also very limited resources. Back in 2011, there’s not that many Facebook groups focused on “Work From Home”. I was left to research on my own. I have to be honest. It was hard. I am also shy and do not want to disturb the very few people I know who works from home just so I can ask questions. This inspired me to start creating this guide. Let this be my way of giving back to the community. So how does this guide works?


I have summarized this guide and there are 4 steps involved – PREPARE, LEARN, CREATE PROFILE and EARN. I have separated each steps and created a blog that will provide you more details. Once you are done with each step, you can proceed to the next one by clicking on the “Next” or “Done” button.





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