Sleep Deprived | #BloggyMaryVlogs 070

February 4, 2018 Mary Ganzon No comments exist

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3 Challenges when you work from home – This is where the vlog below focused on. A lot of people do not realize that even if you work from home, there are still so many challenges that you have to overcome.

Schedule is not fixed. For the most part, this is a good thing but NOT ALL THE TIME. At some point, not having a schedule to follow can be quite a challenge because then, your body won’t have a specific clock to follow. Discipline depends on every individual. On months with so many holidays, work tasks can feel overwhelming so you have to adjust. I am lucky to be in a company that offers paid holidays off but still, knowing that there are tasks pending, I don’t feel comfortable doing holidays knowing contracts are pending.


Speaking of schedules and tasks, it is best to write a diary or have a journal to write down your day to day, weekly and monthly goals. Once you have everything planned out, remember that it’s not 100% going to happen but as long as you stay focused with your goals, you are already one step ahead of the game.


Take vitamins. It is important to be on top of the game so you have to be equipped! With too many stuff on your plate, you need vitamins to give you that energy you need from day to day. I take Enervon and 1000mg of Vitamin C everyday.

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