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December 11, 2017 Mary Ganzon

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I have been doing daily vlogs for more than a year now. Inconsistent but I was able to keep up lately so I want to add something to my daily tasks to keep myself busy and productive. That being said, I have decided (actually just thought about it a few minutes ago, Lol) that I can create short blogs too out of the important component from each vlogs.


What is a Vlog?

Vlogs are video blogs. Google says vlogs are a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.

Why do I Vlog?

I want to document our day to day lives for memories sake. I used to have an old YouTube that shows my life as a call center agent, team lead etc but I had to take it down. Reason would come out probably on another blog post. Last year, I’ve decided that I want to start something new because I realized that life is too short and I am missing out on so many things. So I wanted to have something to look back to. I also want to share things I know about working from home because it’s a tough market out there and I really have high hopes that some day, someone will learn something from my blogs and vlogs that will help them in their freelancing career.

What’s new with this recent Vlog?

With this vlog, I started sharing some tips about working from home. The first tip I have is communication being the key. It is important that we communicate and feel confident about sharing our thoughts to our clients that would be helpful in boosting our performance and helping build the client’s brand. This is each and every Virtual Assistant’s goal – to play as a vital part of the company’s success.

Why is communication important?

Communication is vital in all kinds of relationship. You should be able to learn how to communicate and work with your clients in order to help them out with their company’s goal. You have to align your career focus with your client’s. Same thing with clients, each party should be willing to share their thoughts, provide clear and concise instruction, be open to criticism if need be and make sure that all areas are covered. One factor to achieve success is to never stop learning. Do not stop learning about the person you are in contract or relationship with.


Communication is key!


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