Learn How to Multitask

January 22, 2018 Mary Ganzon



To start off, multitasking doesn’t mean you have to do everything at the same time. As I’ve mentioned on the video below, it’s a time management technique that I use to be more productive as a work from home mom. I would say multitasking is about doing some things at the same time. An example would be eating in front of the work station while there’s laundry at the washing machine and doing some vlog editing.


Here are some ways you can learn and master the art of multitasking:

1 – List down your goals for the day, the week, the month and even the year if that’s how far off you want to go with multitasking. Plan ahead!

2 – Once you’ve established your goals, block off all hours for tasks that needs your full attention. These hours should only be dedicated to task that requires your full focus, hence, no multitasking is to be done.

3 – List down your day to day tasks, house chores and all that’s being done as a routine. For example, laundry, dish washing, even your set of meals.

4 – Start working on your routine tasks and figure out a way to work on another task alternately. For example, I edit vlogs while I have the laundry up on the washing machine. Also, while working on client’s tasks, I am able to catch up on my favorite TV series because it keeps me awake.

5 – Check off your task one at a time and get things done. However, it may also be important to re-assign tasks such as dish washing to the kids. This allows you to train them with house chores and at the same time, you are able to eliminate unnecessary chore.

6 – Work-Life balance is very important. Either you avoid wait times or use it to do another task and check off that list!



Please note that multitasking takes time to master. If you are not used to doing a couple of things at the same time, you can start practicing by adding one task each time you work on those most consuming tasks. The purpose of multitasking, for me, is to be more productive and while you are able to accomplish each of those task, you will feel more energetic because you feel more accomplished.



One thing that helps me get more things done is by taking vitamins. I take 2 tabs of Vit c and Enervon. I prefer drinking vitamins before I sleep. I read somewhere that by doing this, your body gets more out of the vitamins. Below is a video I made on productivity and how you can manage your time better even if you are working from home.


Get enough rest, take your vitamins and make sure that you focus on the good and whatever keeps you motivated. If there’s one thing I learned about multitasking is as long as you are happily working with a purpose, you just keep going.