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January 14, 2018 Mary Ganzon No comments exist

Things I learned about my son’s basketball game.


1 – You can work and get whatever money you lost some other time but you can never buyer back lost time with your children.


I was about to (again) bail on my son’s game when I realized that he don’t always ask me to watch his games and somehow miss it. I also thought I can work later that day or some other time but if I miss his games or (again and again) bail on their requests for some family bonding time, I might end up missing so much in their life.


2 – Let your kids experience hardship and watch as they make their way on their own because that’s how they will learn.

I remember conquering bonpen and how hard those trails were. A month after that, we trailed through a river and I was able to cross it more confidently with my small motorbike. I then realized that once we’ve been through the hardest trails of our lives, we will appreciate being so experienced that small bumps wouldn’t shake us anymore. I want my kids to grow up experienced enough to appreciate all the hardships they will go through because – “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger”.


3 – Life is like this basketball game, when someone hits you, you have the choice as to whether you let it go or if it’s time to fight back.


During this basketball game, one of my son’s friend was kicked by another player from the other team. He then hit back. I laughed, not because I think it’s right but because I reminded me that there are moments in life when you need to fight back just to show that you do not allow people to hurt you and that you are not a push over.


Unfortunately, we don’t have slow motion in real life for us to enjoy the happy moments, no replay to check if we have excuse for our mistakes neither do we have a background music to tell us what exactly is the mood and appropriate emotion for that moment. But that’s the beauty of life – the excitement, all the lessons to be learned and all the games we can enjoy and play.


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