Bakit Dalawang Sabay na Trabaho? | #BloggyMaryVlogs 068

January 22, 2018 Mary Ganzon

On this vlog, I pointed out two things.


1 – If you have the chance to attend school affair, make sure to be there and be TRULY there. Whenever there’s a school affair, usually on weekends or early Mondays, I grab the chance to attend school activities. Whether it’s a meeting, a dance competition, a basketball or tennis game, as long as my kids want me there, I will be. One of the reason we work from home is to have more time with the family. School activities allows parents, kids and their teachers to get to know each other. Besides, think about when you were a kid. You do remember a time or two when your parents was in the front row, cheering for you on your Math competition, right? Imagine how your kids would feel if that seat was vacant just because you chose to work instead of watch them dance on stage. If you can spare an hour or two with family, friends and loved ones, do so. You can earn the money later on but you can’t buy lost time with family.


Question of the day: “What do you do with your kids as a form of bonding or family time?”



TIP: A planner can help you get more organized in terms of schedule so you will be able to balance work and family time and make sure you don’t miss any school activity. Here’s a quick review of my 2018 Starbucks Planner


2 – Have at least one back up work that you can do at your spare time. Online job is not as consistent as a regular 9-5 where you have a contract and income is stable. When you work from home, you only earn what you work for. Not many of us are lucky to have paid vacation leaves, holidays paid off and worst, a lot of online work are project based which means tomorrow’s income is not guaranteed. That being said, it is best to have a back up work. A project based job or something that will allow you to work at your most convenient time. My husband has a current back up work which is monitoring calls. As a Call Quality Analyst, he develops a new skill of call review and the best part of it is that he can do it whenever he is available. We got this gig when he lost his last project and fortunately, he and I can do it over the weekends. Earnings from this gig goes to savings and the goal is to have this as a steady long term gig and use the funds for our travel and family adventures.


Moonlighting is having a second job aside from your regular employment. Some people who works the regular 8-5 office job decide to pick up night gigs to add income. For freelancers, some employers (like mine) do not allow moonlighting. This is specifically stated on my contract. I do not have problem with that because I’ve been with my client for almost 4 years with steady income, paid time offs and holiday pays (the dream!!!). It is different with my husband though since most of the gigs he got from upwork is project based. Needless to say, he needs to have a second job to be able to keep the income flowing. Aside from this, we have a small family business (recently started) which I will share on future blogs.


For now, I hope you are enjoying these daily b/vlogs and I hope you can help me reach our next YouTube goal which is 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers (within the month)!!!