Welcome to my blog! I'm Mary and I am a work from home mom.

I love my husband, kids and dogs!!! But apart from serving my family, I also love #blogging and doing weekly Vlogs about LOVE, WORK, ADVENTURE AND LIFESTYLE . I share most of our daily adventures on our Youtube → channel  . I share my thoughts and write articles here. I also do product review for several sponsors and shop endorsements. If not working or doing house chores, I am either sleeping, spending time with the family or chill chill lang with friends. I am a proud member of REKTA Mabalasik, QPRG (a motor club), Ride Guardian (RG) and APC (College friends) .


I love how dark lipstick makes me feel empowered as a woman. Red makes me feel sexy. Although my favorite color is pink... Black comes a close second.



I am very excited to meet new virtual friends so if you want to share your experience as a mom or as a make up junkie or if you just want someone to listen, hit me up and let's talk!


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