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February 5, 2018 Mary Ganzon No comments exist

Started this vlog full of energy but I do remember not feeling well that day. For December 15-16 vlog, I reviewed 2017 goals while writing down 2018 goals. On the top of my list is to learn a new language. I want to learn Bisaya and Spanish. Also, 12 new places I’ve never been. As a work from home mom, I believe going out is important because that’s the only time you’d be able to socialize and meet new people. When you are off, you have to make sure that you go out. I showed my old journal, a 50 pesos monthly journal that’s so totally worth it.

 Watch full vlog here

On top of my 2017 list, was Northloop which didn’t push through because we replaced it with ➤Marinduque Loop last year. Check out the full vlog series below.

➤Bicol Loop, big check! Check out the full vlog series below.

➤Own a motorbike, YES! Her name is PuQueSa (Quezon’s Princess)

➤50 % Financial freedom will be on a separate blog.


➤Kid’s fully paid tuition fee, nope


➤500 Youtube Subscribers, ALMOST! This year’s goal is 1000 Subscribers


Another goal is ➤30K views on my website


And that concludes my 2018 Goals!!

Productivity tip of the day – Try multitasking!!


Another part of this vlog is how hard it was to open a bank account. Bank’s requirements on their website is to provide 2 valid IDs. We had to wait for hours before being able to open a bank acct. It was a very slow day at BDO that time. After waiting in line, we had to print a copy of my contract, provide IDs, proof of income and explain the kind of work we do. Too bad I missed my son’s school meeting. Needless to say, a death by task resulted to me getting sick the following day.


Vlog ended with just a short clip of my son shopping for new shoes.


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